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August 18, 2021 Special Voting Meeting Minutes



The Hollidaysburg Area School Board met for a Special Voting Meeting on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 virtually and in person in the Senior High Library, 1510 N. Montgomery Street, Hollidaysburg.  Dr. Sommer called the meeting to order at 7:02p.m. and opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag.

Roll call was taken by Mrs. Fiscus with seven members present.  Attending were Dr. Sommer, President, Mr. Brenneman, Vice-President, Ms. Frye, Mr. Snyder, Ms. Hartman, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Stephens and Mr. Nichols.  Dr. Mitchell and Mr. Gallagher were absent.

Also present were Dr. Gildea, Superintendent, Mrs. Mitchell, Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Koehle, Director of Special Education, Mrs. Fiscus, Business Manager/Board Secretary, Mrs. Thomas, Director of Accounting Operations, Mr. Caldwell, Director of Human Resource/Transportation, Mrs. Summerville, Data Management Administrator, Mr. Nihart, Director of Physical Plant, Mr. Arthur, Director of Technology, Attorney Carl Beard, Sr., Solicitor and a representative from the Altoona Mirror.

Also present were Mr. Harrington, Mr. Hartline, Mr. Keagy, and Mrs. Snyder.

Public Comment

Michael Eardley, 103 Gulf Drive, Duncansville, Rick Imler, 1403 Robin Lane, Duncansville, David Lingafelt, 1417 Foot of Ten Road, Duncansville, Andrew Wedel, 1512 Teds Way, Duncansville, Dilan Wasney, 368 Williams Drive, Duncansville voiced their opinions and concerns regarding the contents of the District Health and Safety Plan.

Business Office Report / Mrs. Fiscus

Announcements:  The board met in executive session Wednesday, August 18, 2020 at 6:00 pm for personnel.

All board and committee meetings will be held in-person and virtually for the public through the end of the 2021 calendar year.

Members of the public are welcome to register and join remotely.  Registration links will appear on the district homepage at by 4:00p.m. the day of each meeting.  

*Public comment will be open to in-person participants only.

Meetings for September, 2021:
Transportation Committee (Cancelled)

Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Time: 5:00 p.m.  

Physical Plant Committee
Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Time: 5:00 p.m.

Committee of the Whole/Voting 
Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Time: 7:00 p.m.

All board meeting agendas are available in detail for public viewing (3) days prior to each meeting date on BoardDocs.  BoardDocs web address is Interested parties should enter the public site.

On motion of Mr. Stephens, seconded by Mr. Brenneman, the board approved the following:

Per Board Policy 006 Meetings, the following contracts/agreements: 

  1. Lease Agreement with Frankstown Township, effective January 1, 2022 through December 30, 2025 for a 3-year extension of the Frankstown Maintenance Garage Lease Cost: $1/yr. Exhibit 1
  2. Contract with Music Theatre International effective July 8, 2021 through August 19, 2021 for the HACT Performance of Moana, Jr. Cost: $1,050.50 Exhibit 2

1st Summit Bank Bag Authorization to approve authorized school district employees to make bank deposits and pick up deposit bags as needed. Exhibit 3

Per Board Policy 702, Gifts, Grants and Donations, the following donation:

Blair Candy Company:

1,000 Individual bottles of hand sanitizer to be distributed to students at Charles W. Longer, Foot of Ten and Frankstown Elementary Schools Exhibit 4

The motion carried on a roll call vote with seven yes votes and zero no votes.

Superintendent’s Report / Dr. Gildea

On motion of Mr. Stephens, seconded by Ms. Frye, the board approved the final version, Draft #2 of the Health and Safety Plan – August Update with recommended changes.  The motion carried on a roll call vote with four yes votes and three no votes. Ms. Hartman, Mr. Nichols and Mr. Snyder cast the dissenting votes. Exhibit 5

Dr. Gildea announced that the District Maintenance Project is delayed until further notice due to the increased cost of material.

On motion of Ms. Hartman, seconded by Mr. Nichols, the board approved personnel items 1 through 25 dated August 18, 2021 REV August 18, 2021 at 2:35p.m.  The motion carried on a roll call vote with seven yes votes and zero no votes.  Exhibit 6

President’s Report / Dr. Sommer

There being no further business to be brought before the board, Dr. Sommer declared the meeting adjourned at 7:27p.m.

Autumn Fiscus
Board Secretary