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April 7, 2021 Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes




The Curriculum Committee of the Hollidaysburg Area School Board met in person and virtually for the public on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 in the Senior High Library, 1510 N. Montgomery Street, Hollidaysburg.  Mr. Brenneman called the meeting to order at 5:11p.m.


Attending were: Mr. Brenneman, Dr. Sommer, Mr. Stephens, Dr. Gildea and Mrs. Mitchell.


There was no public comment.

Discussion Topics:

  1. College and Career Ready Standards


  1. School Curriculum During COVID
  2.   The district has begun to consider how to approach curriculum and the impacts of COVID on learning.  It is now time to consider what we will keep, cut, and create to develop responsive curriculum for all learners now and into the future.  A post pandemic committee has been created and will continue to meet to discuss curriculum, technology, and plans for moving learning forward in the future.  Justin Arthur, the technology director is leading this committee.


  1. Curriculum Project Updates
    °  Analytics Platform – 3-year Contract with Chalk Planning and Analytics Platform for K-12


  1. Student Wellness Initiative Updates
    ° Garrett Lee Foundation Suicide Grant
    ° Agency programs at the Junior High and Charles W. Longer
    ° Student Assistance Program
    °  Trauma training

  2. Learning Recovery Intervention Summer Plans was discussed.
  3. Committee Recommendations / Summary to the Board

There being no new business to discuss, Mr. Brenneman declared the meeting adjourned at 6:00p.m.


Signed by Susan M. Baker

Board Secretary