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Title I

Title I reading resource is supported through the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001. This Federal entitlement grant is the largest educational grant funded by the Federal Government. 

In each elementary building in the Hollidaysburg Area School District, there is a Title I reading resource program that is staffed by certified Reading Specialists.  These Reading Specialists assist literacy learning for students in grades kindergarten through six.  Any student who is having difficulty with word recognition, fluency, comprehension, or vocabulary development may be assisted by the reading specialist.

Parents and classroom teachers may ask to have the student evaluated for support services.  If the reading assessments indicate a need for reading support, the parent then must give permission for the child to enter the reading resource program.

Once reading support begins, the student will be monitored on a regular basis for reading instruction by the reading specialist.  The instruction is planned by both the classroom teacher and the reading specialist to best address the individual needs of the student.  Three times per year, students in the Title I Reading Resource Program are assessed for progress in grade-level reading.

*The Hollidaysburg Area School District will provide translations of pertinent information for parents with limited English proficiency. HASD will also provide information in various forms (ex: audio, visual) for parents as needed. Please contact your building principal with any questions.


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