Policies and Procedures

Last Updated: 6/6/2022 2:43 PM


Electronic CWL Student Excuse Form

When your child is absent from school, you now have the option of submitting an excuse electronically by clicking the above link. If you choose to submit a written note, please be sure to include the date of the absence, your child's first and last name, his/her six-digit ID number, and the reason for the absence. 

It is not necessary to call on the day of the absence. 


Taking a Trip

While we do not encourage the taking of trips during the school year, we realize that it is sometimes unavoidable.  If your child(ren) will be absent from school for more than two days due to travel, you must fill out a Trip Request FormThis form can be obtained in the office or downloaded by clicking the link above.  The form must be submitted at least one week in advance.  After completing the form, have your child give it to their homeroom teacher.  The teacher will sign the form and submit it to the principal for approval.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Student Arrivals

When dropping off a late student, please give them a note explaining why they are late, then ring the buzzer and send your student to the office to be checked in. Students arriving after 9:00 AM should always report to the office first.  


Student Dismissal Options

The following are the ONLY options for end-of-day student dismissal:

1. Ride the bus. If a student is assigned a bus and unless a parent chooses one of the  other approved options, we are expecting them to ride the bus home. 

2. Approved walker Students who live in the very specific designated walker area are  permitted to walk home. There is a maintained list of these students that is shared with  teachers. Only students on this list will be dismissed as a walker. 

3. Front door pick up If a parent/guardian needs to pick up a student on any given  day, the parent (person picking-up) signs the student out in the lobby. The student is  then called to the front entrance for dismissal. Students will then be matched to the  person picking up. The individual picking up should be prepared to show proper  identification. 

4. Permanent side door pick-up. This option is for parents who will be picking up  their student(s) every day. Students wait in the multi-purpose room and are sent out to their parents’ vehicle. Parents are provided with a sign to help ensure overall safety. Pre-registration is required. Click here to register.

5. YMCA Students staying for the Y program are dismissed to that program via an  office announcement. 

6. Private Transport Van Students are escorted to their dismissal location. 

If your child is to go home a different way at any time, please send a note with them that morning.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation to ensure the safety of our students!


Early Dismissals

When your child requires an early dismissal from school, you now have the option of submitting the request electronically by clicking here.

If you choose to submit a written note, please be sure to include the time of the dismissal, your child's first and last name, his/her six-digit ID number, and the reason for the early dismissal. 

Visitor Procedures/Lobby Guard

Upon entering the building, please use the LobbyGuard system. You will need to have your driver's license with you to use the system. The monitor works as a touch screen.


Screen 1) Press the “start” button.

Screen 2) Select one of the options (visitor, pickup, outside agency, drop off, or volunteer).

Screen 3) Agree to our volunteer confidentiality agreement.

Screen 4) Touch the green button to take a current picture.

Screen 5) Scan your driver’s license. The scanner is located under the left corner of the monitor. Simply scan the bar located on the back of your license by lining it up with the red +.

Screen 6) The final step in the process is to obtain your badge if one is required (see below). You must then press the button on the wall to be buzzed into the office.


If you are coming into the school as a visitor, outside agency, or volunteer, the system will print you a badge that must be worn visibly the entire time that you are in the building.


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